Best of Albania

During the last ten years Albania has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for its beauty as well as its historical treasures.  It has been unspoiled by mass tourism, which lends a bit of the old country to visitors with plenty of tourist attractions to visit.  You will find some of the best of Albania listed below to help you find the areas you will wish to travel to.

First on the list of the Best of Albania is the Archeological Museum in Tirana.  Tirana is the capital of Albania offering many sites including ports to visit.  While there you can visit the museum that offers the history of Albania from the Illyrians to the communists.  They have many artifacts from pre B.C. to the Ottoman empire and more.  You will find that there is a great wealth of information at this best site for those interested.

The Et’hem Bey Mosque is a religious site not to be missed.  You will find the architecture to be pleasing as well as the history it represents to be a very powerful experience.  The mosque is also located in Tirana.

The Skanderbeg Square in Tirana is another area of the city you must visit.  You will find the main square has history that predates the communist reign, but it also includes the Palace of Culture built by the chief Soviet engineer.  The building is reminiscent of Chinese culture as well as Albanian history.  You will also find in the square the Puppet Theatre, and the Opera house.

Albania is not just about the cities all though there are plenty of attractions in various cities and towns.  You will find that Albania was the home of Mother Theresa as well as the 15th century hero Skanderbeg.  You will be able to enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as walk through history.  The civilization of Albania extends farther back than the Bronze Age and the Roman Empire offering you a massive amount of artifacts to visit.  You will also be able to visit the cliffs overlooking Corfu.

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