Albania Festivals

Albania has many festivals and holidays throughout the year you will be able to enjoy.  You will find that you want to know when the holidays may occur to make sure you will be able to see some of the tourist sites, like the museums or churches during your visit.  Keep in mind that some of the holidays will have most everything shutting down for the day of observance.  To start off with the festivals and holidays you will find that Albania celebrates Independence Day on November 28th, Liberation Day on November 29, Proclamation of the Republic Day on January 11, and Army Day on July 10.  Other public holidays include New Year’s Day and International Women’s Day.

Tirana has the film festival that usually happens in the last week of November and first few days of December.  You will find that at this festival there are awards given for the films of the year.  Many of the awards are best film, best fiction, best documentary and more.

Tirana also hosts the Bola, which is a sporting tournament held every year.  It encompasses more than just the actual sporting event as there is also a festival for celebration after the game.  During the celebration the winners are showered with jewels and given a key to the city.

The Gjirokastra is another Albanian festival that is held every four years.  The festival began in 1968 as a national folklore festival.  It is one of the main symbols for Albania heritage with traditional music, instruments, and of course costumes.  You will find that it is held in the Gjirokastra amphitheater to celebrate the traditions of Albania.  The festival will allow anyone to attend, even tourists so it is usually a highlight to plan for.  You will find that you get to walk around interact and become a part of local ancient folklore.  There are usually 1100 Albanian singers and dancers from all over the Albanian country, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, and Germania.  There are even dancers and singers from Switzerland, and the USA.  They all get together at the Castle in September to October for a week.

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