Albanian Real Estate

When communism in Albania ceased to exist there was a lot of reform in the government. You will find that the reform for the last ten years will directly affect Albanian real estate. You will find that Albania is going to differ from other poor countries you have visited. When you plan to move to Albanian you will want to have a real estate specialist to help you out. You will find that most real estate companies in the country do not have an internet site. This makes it nearly impossible to find anything available on the web. Instead your best way of finding a place to live is going to be by word of mouth. You will find that the best places in Albania are going to be Tirana or Vlore. These locations are set up for the influx of tourists and individuals moving into the country. In other areas of Albania such as farms, and outlying countries you will find the homes are behind in renovation. In other words there are several places without running water or electricity in the homes. While there is a lot of reform going on in the government and conditions have improved in the last eight years, there are still the smaller areas that have yet to be caught up.

You will mostly find that real estate despite the economy is not what you would call cheap. You will find a house in the capital can be $1200 to $3000 a month depending on the area you are going to live. Tirana has little housing that will have what you are accustom to in other areas of the world. With tourism beginning to find its way into Vlore and even Tirana renovations are being made, but there are still many homes that lack the sophistication you would expect for the rent or even the purchase price. The fact is you will find most of the housing prices are not going to be in line with the current salary. There are a few apartments that will be near the $200 to $400 mark, but this will be basic. Even the condos are generally going to be around $1200 a month. Keep in mind that the houses and condos are usually around three to four bedrooms, so this could look like a great deal.

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