Albanian Recipes

You will find that the Albanian food is quite diverse with influences from Greece, Turkey, and Italy as well as other countries surrounding them. In this article we are going to list a few Albanian Recipes you may wish to try.

First is the Baked Lamb and Yogurt.  You will find this is a traditional dish in Albania under the name Tave Kosi.  You take one and a half pounds of lamb, four tablespoons of butter, two tablespoons of rice and salt & pepper.  You will cook the rice separately from the lamb.  The lamb will be baked in the oven for about 45 minutes with a gravy or yogurt sauce.  The yogurt sauce has floor, butter, yogurt, eggs, and salt and pepper.  You will mix the sauce together and spread it over the top of the cooking meat.

Veal or Chicken with Walnuts is another popular dish.  You will find it under the name of Gjelle me Arra.  You take flour, walnuts, egg, garlic, butter, and the veal or chicken and combine it together.  You will find that you cook the meat in the saucepan over medium heat until it is tender.  Then the meat juices are left in the saucepan as you set aside the meat.  To the juices you will add the flour and the other ingredients so that you can sauté the walnuts.  Once the sauce is complete you pour it over the meat and serve.

You will find there are several recipes online that are wonderful Albanian dishes.  Such meals can include Albanian Vegetable Pie, Leek Casserole, Bean Yahni Soup, and Fried Meatballs.  The recipes of Albania are going to differ from the spices and sauces that are created.  As mentioned before many of the dishes are going to be similar in context to the Greek, Turkish or Italian dishes you would find elsewhere.  The meals are relatively easy to create, and leave you with a wonderful flavor for something different.  Many of the recipes are going to include Lamb, Veal, Fish, and several types of vegetables such as Leaks and Carrots.  The markets in Albania carry all fresh food.

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