Albania has had a varied history starting off with the Illyrian culture of the early times and moving through to the Ottoman Empire.  Many of the main buildings in Albania are going to be made from stone or the traditional adobe of the region.  The homes in Albania are extremely old in most of the cities as well as outlying country.  You will find that the most important aspect of architecture in Albania is going to be the churches, mosques, castles and palaces of the region.

You will find that depending on the era, the structure was built buildings that were influenced by Romans, Turks, and the neoclassical style.  You will even find some structures that date back to the Byzantine Empire.

First most of the architecture in Albania uses stone.  You will find even the mosques are made of coloured stone.  One of the mosques offers a great deal of rounded towers over the city in the Skanderbeg square.  The stones are red and oranges offering both a pleasing picture for you as well as a sound structure that has lasted centuries.

In Durres Albania you will find more Roman structures as well as modern buildings.  Durres dates back to 627 B.C. in which the Corinthians made their mark.  There are several columns throughout the city with the ornate stone columns so typical of Rome.  You will also find there are structures of architecture from the Byzantine Empire and the Ottomans in Durres.

Butrint is another city in Albania that offers a great deal of architecture.  You will find that this city offers Mosaics that blends the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian architecture of Europe into one city.  Butrint offers a Roman amphitheater.  The acropolis is perched above towers that rise 42 meters.  There are two temples dating to the Roman times as well.  You even have a Greek structure that dates to Asclepius in honour of the god Apollo and Coronis.  Each structure in the architecture of Albania is going to show a period of their history, depending on who was occupying the country at that time.

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