Eating and Drinking

You will find that there are a few restaurants around Albania, but for the most part those who live in the city eat at home with food bought from the markets.  You will find that many of the restaurants available in Tirana are going to be apart of the few hotels they have.  It is difficult to find too many places to eat outside of the cities, so it is best if you are prepared with a meal before leaving for the country while you are visiting.  Below you will find a few of the restaurants that can be found in Tirana Albania.  Vlore is another city that will offer quite a few places to eat out at, since the Mediterranean city has become a vacation hot spot for many.

First you have the Dreri restaurant that offers a relaxed meal with a great location.  The restaurant is going to offer traditional foods of the Albanians as well as influences from Italy.  Juvenjulja is another restaurant in Tirana that offers a mix of foods.  You will find that Italian and Albanian specialties will be offered.  One of their main talents is a pizza.  You will be able to sit at the restaurant staring at the castle of the city.

Lion Park in Tirana is going to offer you a restaurant and piano bar.  You will find live music almost every night to accompany your meal.  You will find that there is Italian as well as traditional Albanian dishes served.

If you are interested in Albanian foods you will find the entire spread of dishes available will be full of various spices such as oregano.  You will also find that many of their dishes have olives, grapes, and plenty of vegetables to accompany whatever meat they have incorporated into the dish.  You will find a wide range of meats used in their dishes as well as fish.  As a Mediterranean country fish is one of the primary meals of the day.  In fact many have likened Albanian food to that of Greek.  You also have traditional Italian dishes that can be found in the restaurants so you will find a mix of red sauces as well as other rich and creamy sauces to accompany their food.

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