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Albania is on the Mediterranean Sea, offering spectacular beaches, cliffs, and of course heritage of the Old World.  You will find that despite Albania’s long heritage the country itself is un- globalized, leaving it untouched for the tourists who wish to visit.  In fact Albania has become one of the most popular places to take a vacation in recent years.

Albania is located between Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro, and it is across the Adriatic from Italy.  You will find extremely blue waters for diving, beautiful sandy beaches, snow capped mountains, rivers, lakes and forests are all included in this wonderful European country.  When you explore Albania you will want to enjoy many of the sites available including the water and the mountains we have spoken of.  You will also want to visit places such as the Butrint, which is one of the world’s archeological wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  You will also find museums offer artifacts from the Bronze age, Greek, Roman Empire, Byzantine times, and the Ottoman Empire.  You will also be able to enjoy the cliffs that overlook Corfu.

While exploring Albania you may wish to travel to Ardenica.  Ardenica was built in 1282 as a monastery by the Byzantine Emperor Andronicus II Paleologus.  There is a chapel of St. Triadha in the area as well as the ruins of a pagan temple.  The temple was thought to be a part of honouring the goddess Artemis.  During the fifteenth century there were at least 8 houses that existed around the monastery, with a high defensive wall and wooden main gate.

In Eastern Albania you will have the Elbasan Castle to visit.  The castle held a military significance during the early Ottoman period.  The southern wall is still intact, which helped the Ottomans rebuild the castle after the Roman and Byzantine periods were over.  Sultan Mehmet II reconstructed the castle included the south western tower.  There was over 26 towers when the castle was reconstructed that were equidistant from each other, there was also a 9 meter wall offering protection for the fortress.  Part of the Via Egnatia was also enclosed in the wall offering a wonder in architecture.

Albania offers much more than just these two places to visit and you will find that even if you explore just one area of Albania you will have more than ten places to explore.  You will even find that there are underwater caves, as well as caves on top of the water that allow boat exploration for you to visit.

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