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Albania is one of the oldest settled countries in Europe with a heritage extending into the B.C. era.  You will find the first people thought to have inhabited Albania were the Illyrians.  Throughout Albanian history you will see their mark on the archeology as well as the succession of individuals who came after.  Albania has history with the Roman Empire, Byzantine era, as well as the Ottoman Empire.  You will find that all over Albania there are historical and famous sites you will wish to visit.  When visiting famous Albania you will want to stop in Tirana.

Tirana is the capital of Albania and best explored on foot.  You will find the architecture bears the influence of Italy as well as Turkey.  You will find that the Skenderberg Square offers some of the most exquisite sites in Albania.  Skenderberg was a hero for Albania in the earlier centuries.  You will also find the square opens up to the Mt. Dajti that towers over its eastern side.  Tirana offers many museums and culture for you to enjoy.

In Durres you will find a historical city that was one of the first to be settled by the Illyrian tribes.  There is also a large Roman Amphitheater in the area and King Ahmet Zog Palace.  You will find both locations worth a visit, even if it is a day trip from Tirana during your vacation.

Skhoder and Butrint are another two cities in Albania that houses much of the famous architecture and history of the country.  You will find that Shkodra is one of the oldest cities in Europe as well as the ruins of Butrint.  Butrint has offered many antiquities of the past from the Illyrians and the Greeks.

Gjirokaster is one of the largest cities in Albania and offers some of the most exceptional tourist spots, including Elbasan, Korce, and Kukes.  You will find hiking, cycling, and even beaches are in Albania offering you a stay that will last in your memory.  While in Gjirokaster you may wish to visit the Kelemi House and Kotoni House, which are on the mountain in the city.

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