Health Matters

This article will look at two different aspects of health in Albania.  First for those who are tourists looking to travel into the country you will want to be aware of the requirements you will need to fulfill before you leave.  Albania is a very poor country and though they have made a lot of progress since communism ended they are still suffering from poor health conditions.  This means that if you are travelling to Albania you will need to visit your own health care provider.

Your health care provider can provide inoculations that you may need while visiting Albania.  These shots will prevent certain diseases that are more prevalent in their country from affecting you during your visit.  You will find that to have the proper shots given you need to see your doctor at least six weeks prior to the trip.  This gives the inoculations time to work into your system to protect you.  While you are in Albania it is a good idea to travel with water tablets.  These water tablets will help you prevent any water born diseases from entering your system if you are unable to locate bottled water.  Many of the restaurants will have bottled water for you to purchase, but it is still a good idea to have what you need with you.

For the second part of this health matters article we will look at the health in Albania.  There are many diseases common to third world countries that run rampant as a result of poor health care situations.  While they do have hospitals in the country they are usually over run with the sick, and they do not have a lot of doctors.  The economy or more I should say the government is working to correct these issues by having doctors move into the area.  You will find that if you do become ill or if you do have an incident it is important to seek one of these health facilities as a traveller.  You may find a few of the hotels in the Mediterranean will staff their own doctors.

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