Albanians are thought to have come from the Illyrian tribes named Albonoi.  Many of the Illyrians were Indo European tribesman that appeared in history around 1000 B.C. which coincides with the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.  They were thought to have existed for at least a millennium until wars broke out with the Roman Empire and others that depleted their numbers.  It is thought that the Albanians were an extension of the southeast Illyrian tribes.  The Roman period did have a great effect on the Illyrian people, and thus the Albanians as they tried to gain political and world power by battling for centuries.  It is found that during the Roman times those who swore loyalty to the emperor Caesar were spared and indeed strengthened their own political power.  The Romans had several military camps and colonies with in Albania.

With the first century of A.D. there were a few changes including the fact that Christianity was beginning to come into Albanian and of course the Illyrian tribes as well.  The eastern empire that contained Albania was dependent on Rome.  With the fall of the Roman Empire there came the barbarian invasions into Albania.  The mountains of Albania were able to protect a great deal of the people living there, but a small country was easily considered a prey and this affected their ability to grow further with the attacks.

Throughout the history of Albania it was seen that the ports were extremely important and therefore many countries fought to control them.  Even the Ottoman rule had a hand in the Albanian history, in which many fled to neighbouring countries such as Italy, Greece, and Egypt.

The 1870’s brought a reformation of Albanian and nationalism; however it wasn’t until 1913 that Europe finally allowed an independent Albania during the Second Balkan War.  As a small country they were still ripe for issues in the ensuing World War in which there economy was locking as well as their social development from that of other countries.  The instability led to a rise of communism during the second World War.  Communism lasted in Albania until 1989.  Albania has taken an interest in democracy and tried to align with the west to improve their economic growth.

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