When you travel to Albania you will need a nice place to stay for an affordable cost.  You will have several hotels to choose from around the area.  We will go through each city to list a few of the top hotels in the area.

In Tirana you have the Hotel Restaurant Baron.  You will find this hotel is available for $61 or £41 a night.  You will be located in the capital of Albania near all of the top sites that you would like to visit.  You are also going to be near some of the business areas as well.  They offer room service as well as an exceptional restaurant.  The Sheraton hotel in Tirana offers a wonderful stay at a contemporary accommodation.  You will find the hotel has its own style of architecture as well as offering you a unique and comfortable room.  The lobby of this hotel is extraordinary, with elegance and style.  You will find this hotel is usually $305 per night on a year round basis.

Gjirokaster is another highlight in Albania that you will not want to miss.  For a hotel you have the Hotel Kalemi.  This hotel usually offers a price of $50 per night on a year round basis, in other words the price changes little no matter what season it is.  You are located in the heart of the city with views on the upper most floors of the city.  You will find that hotel also offers a great deal in architecture.

Sarande is another city in Albania you may wish to visit.  While in the area you have the Butrinti Hotel that offers an excellent room, great staff, and wonderful food.  You will find that the hotel is valued at a great price for what you will get.  You are extremely close to the heart of the city, which makes walking around a delight.

In Vlore you have the Bar Hotel Amerika.  You will find that the hotel offers a variety of rooms as well as rooms with balconies.  You will find yourself in a hotel that caters to smoking guests so you may have to do a little more research if you are in need of a non smoking room.

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