Insurance in Albania is somewhat behind that of other countries.  You will find that there is property insurance, automobile insurance, and health insurance, but a great many of the Albanians are unable to afford such things.  The premiums while not exceedingly high compared to other countries are difficult to make because the salaries in Albania are far behind the other economical issues.  The country is poor, which means on an economic basis they are dependent on other countries to help them become more prosperous.  They have begun to extend into the west in order to find the economic stability they need, however this doesn’t help with the overall insurance matters.

Many of the individuals are not going to have cars; therefore the need for more than a few insurance companies really isn’t there.  You will also find that with health insurance matters the insurance is usually given through employment only to those that work for companies outside of the country. In other words any company that has created a base in Albania that belongs to another European country or the US will offer health insurance plans, but the majority of individuals are going to go un- insured due to the cost.

The government is working on establishing a better way to get insurance into the country.  In some cases there are insurances offered through the government based on health insurance, but again this health insurance is still behind.  You will find that the practices of communism are in some places still in place despite Albania being a republic.  Currently there is a social health insurance available in Albania.  The social health insurance program is only at hospitals and polyclinics, which mean the majority of Albanians have to travel a great deal to find a clinic for treatment when they live in the countryside.

If you are travelling to Albania you are going to find that your normal health insurance is not going to cover you.  Since the hospitals are socially run and not independent many of the foreign insurance companies will not be recognized.  You will have to take travel insurance if you think there will be a need.

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