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You will find that if you are searching for a job in Albania many of the companies are not going to advertise via the internet.  Technology in Albania is still far behind, which means only the larger companies who have moved into Albania will be advertising their positions.  If you are looking for work in Albania you will find that teaching positions are very important.  You will find that the TEFL International is one of the teaching programs looking for individuals who would like to move to Albania.  They also offer training to anyone who is interested.  Another opportunity in the teaching field will be the Christian teaching opportunity.  There is an Association of Christian Schools International that has a school in Albania.  The schools work to educate the children and they need many volunteers.

You will also find there are engineering jobs available in Albania.  At the moment there are oil and gas jobs related to electrical engineering as well.  There are also jobs in oil rigs, safety jobs, technician positions, crane operators and environmental engineering positions that will be available.

One of the best places to find any position on the internet with a job search is going to be the Albania Oil and Gas site.  The website is  You will find that some of these jobs are outsourced to other areas of the world, but Albania still has several positions locally.

The job search in Albania can be rather difficult depending on the time of year as well.  Since the economy in Albania is still one of the poorest they are trying to keep any jobs they have inside the country for their own people.  You will find that during the summer season there are often a few more jobs for younger aged Albanians as the tourist season on the Mediterranean tends to pick up.  Other jobs that are available in a job search can be restaurant positions, hotel staff, and babysitting needs.  The Tirana University can help anyone in Albania to find a position that may be available around the country.

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