MBA Programs in Tirana

The Tirana University offers a great deal for students in the country of Albania as well as those who would like to study abroad.  You will find the university was founded in 1957 and has grown to have more than 14,000 students and 600 teachers in various disciplines.  When you attend the university in Tirana you will have science, math, business, and several of choices for your studies.  They have MBA programs at the university for anyone who is interested in business.  You will find that there are four main areas of study for an MBA in Tirana.

You will be able to study finance- accounting, economics, business administration, and marketing- tourism.  Each of these disciplines under the Faculty of Economic sciences is going to yield an MBA in some form.  You will find the program can be four years long.  In some cases depending on previous studies you will find that the MBA program can be completed in two years.

Like all colleges that offer MBA programs there are going to be specific classes that must be taken.  Since, you must first earn an Associate’s degree before moving on to the masters in business administration.  You will find classes in accounting, finance, economics, and marketing are all going to be something you have to take in addition to classes such as algebra, statistics, and of course there are going to be classes in Albanian language.  Most often the MBA programs ask that a student take at least two years of a foreign language as well.  While many students may have a handle on Italian or other language that surrounds them, English is also going to be on the list.  For those who wish to gain prominence in business administration it is often necessary to learn a language that is spoken by a great many individuals.

To find out more about the MBA programs in Tirana it is important that you speak directly with the school regarding the specifics regarding the program.  They will be able to send out the information you need to learn about the programs offered and which might suit you.

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