Moving to Albania

There are many things you should be aware of if you are considering moving to Albania.  First the Albanian economy is still suffering.  You will find that they are trying to rebuild a country after being at war for their entire history and then having communist rule until the late eighties.  Since, the country has relied on communism in the past they are still far behind in certain areas.  You will find that Albania on an economic front has tried to align themselves, with the west in hopes of gaining a more stable economy, and better living conditions.

You will find at the moment real estate in Albania is rather expensive for the structure you would find.  While the homes have been there for several years and renovated the outsides are still in shambles.  The concrete structures do not offer beauty in most areas, but they are large enough to house a couple of small families.  In outlying areas you will find some of the homes are still without water and electricity, all though that is being remedied.  When moving to Albania you will wish to stay in the city areas for comfort.  You will find there are many markets to shop for food, where the items have been brought in from their own farms.

If you are moving to Albania you will find there are international movers that will help you get your belongings to the country via shipping.  You will also need to check with customers regarding the items you may ship into the country.  Keep in mind that if you are temporarily moving to Albania you will need to apply for a visa.  The visa will allow you to work in the country as well as stay for as long as you renew the visa.

Technology is just beginning to move its way into the cities of Albania, so you will find that there is limited cell phone communication and computers in the area, especially in the country areas of Albania.  Most of the jobs in Albania are agriculture based or engineering.  There are a few jobs outsourced into the country for telemarketing.

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