Music in Albania

Albania has a rich history extending from the Illyrians, Balkans, Turkey, Roman Empire, Byzantine era, and of course the Ottomans.  You will find that with this rich history comes a unique and diverse music.  You will find that Albanians are grouped into three areas the Ghegs, Labs, and Tosks.  The Turkish influence extended into Tirana where you will still see some of the architecture from the past.  In this area you will find the music of Albania leans towards the Turkish music.  You will find the music in Albania is solely folk music from the past.  While they of course have music from the present moving in, their heritage is deeply rooted to the folk music as evidenced by their musical festival that occurs every four years.  You will find the Gjiorkaster festival allows for many musicians to be present.  Much of the folk music of Albania will be played during the festival that began back in 1968.

You will also find that music in Albania offer the fall of socialism gained in popularity with the launch of the 1995 festival in Berat.  If you are wondering what exactly you will hear, it is hard to describe as the music is compounded with several influences from surrounding countries.  You will find it is a fusion of the southeastern Europe countries with more than 500 years of influence from the Ottoman Empire.  The folk music is going to be three styles as mentioned above.  You will find the northern and southern music is very contrast.  You will have the rugged and heroic tunes of the north and in the south the more relaxed, gentle melodies for wooing.  The different styles when meshed together offer much intensity from the performers as well as the listeners.  The music in Albania is also considered to be of a narrative nature telling the lands oral history.  You will find that there is usually something for everyone to enjoy as they listen to the older music.  Music has for centuries told a history, and you will find that with the richness of Albania there is much to their compositions.

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