Painting and Sculpture

As you can imagine if you know anything about Albania there are going to be a lot of different styles of paintings and sculptures around the cities.  Many of the museums in Albania are going to offer you a glimpse at the varying history Albania has had.  You will find in the Ethnographic Museum there will be furnishings, cultural displays, weavings, paintings and sculptures.

Typically in the museums around Albania you are going to be treated with sculptures from several centuries including the Byzantine Empire through to the Ottoman Empire.  You will find that there are many Roman statues that have been left behind to be placed in the Albanian museums.  The Romans were one of the longest dominating forces in Albania.  There are several sculptures as well as columns and buildings the Romans built.  To view these pieces you simple have to visit Tirana, Durres, and even Butrint.  You will find that the Greeks had a hand in the Albania culture as well.  There are several Greek sculptures of important rulers that have been places in the museums as well as larger statues around the towns.

For paintings you will find many impressionists as well as art work from some of the more important Albanians in the museums.  You will find the paintings are going to be religiously related to the period of Christianity as well as some paintings related to the other religions on the country.  Don’t forget that the Ottoman Empire was also a dominant force leaving behind Mosques and other religious artifacts.

The paintings and sculptures of Albania are going to depict the history they lived through.  In other words there are going to be many paintings of the battles and wars fought as well as important rulers.  You will even find the Tirana square- Skanderbeg will have paintings and sculptures of the hero Skanderbeg.  While visiting cities such as Tirana, Durres, Butrint, and Vlore you will find many pieces of the history of Albania to walk you through what the country has lived through.  There will even be a few items related to the communist period as well.

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