Albania’s national sport is called the Bola or Ladder Golf.  The name of the game was derived from the Spanish throwing weapon called the Bolas, which has two weights on the ends and an interconnected cord.  You will find that each year the Albanians gather from around the country to the capital, Tirana.  During the gathering they have their annual Bola championship where the winner is given a key to the city and dressed in jewels.  You will find that for the past five years the same family has reigned in the sport.

You will also find that soccer or football is another very popular sport in Albania.  The Albanian team has ranked 78th in the FIFA as of 2007.  You will find that sports in Albania consist of more than just the Bola and soccer.  They also have teams for basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics.  While Albania may not be ranked the top leader in the world for sports they have had a few wonderful athletes on their teams and in the Olympics.

Golfing is another area that interests the sport minded souls in Albania.  Cricket is yet another national pastime that they enjoy.  You will find the rules and objectives are fairly well known and that they remain pretty consistent even in Albania.

As you might expect sports in Albania also has a lot to do with water sports.  One of the most favourite pastimes is going to be swimming for the Albanians during the summer.  Many of the beaches are usually unpopulated as they have not been found by tourists, and indeed because Albania is just now becoming a hot spot.  This means that you will be able to enjoy swimming in the sea, diving, surfing, wave runners, and several other water sport options.

Sports in Albania are a big deal especially for the Bola, Golf, and Soccer.  You will find many of the individuals living in Albania are going to follow the sports on the television as well as participate in some of the sporting activities.  If you are going to visit Albania you may wish to look up the next tournament for Bola.

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