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When visiting any country there are several things to be concerned about as well as having a good time.  You will find in this article a discussion of things to be wary of, as well as some of the areas you may wish to visit.

First travel to the northeast border of Albania where it borders Kosovo can be a little hectic.  You will find the road conditions are extremely uncomfortable and there is a certain amount of risk to the area.  You will also find that while public security is in place and generally good, there are of course issues you should be careful of.  This is general advice typical of most countries, whether in Europe or travelling to the US.  You will find that crime has risen in some areas, and in Tirana.  Tirana is the capital of Albania and one of the most important places you will want to visit.  There are several museums in this area as well as historical landmarks that will make your trip wonderful.

While travelling in any of the cities in Albania, especially Tirana you want to be aware of what is going on around you.  You will not need a visa to visit the country for a short time, but you do need a passport to get into the country.  You will find that passports, visas, foreign currency, cameras, and other valuables can be at risk if you neglect your things.  It is best to always keep them close at hand.  Purses should be avoided, and money belts used.  This is usually the safest way to travel anywhere.  You will also find that gun ownership is quite prominent, which means travelling at night into the quieter areas of the city or less touristy areas is not recommended.

Tirana, Vlore, and Gjirokaster are three cities worth your time in visiting when you travel to Albania.  Vlore is on the coast offering you beaches, while Tirana is closer to the mountains.  Each of these locations has parks and historical sites to visit.  As always whenever  you travel be aware, and enjoy.

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