The weather in Albania is going to vary depending on where you are travelling.  Since Albania resides on the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean you will find there are mild summers in some areas of Albania.  You will also find the mountain regions in the country will provide cooler weather.

Albania is about the size of Wales or Maryland, with a coastline that offers Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece.  You will find the climate in the Mediterranean region will be mild, with wet winters.  During the summer you will see a lot of warm sunny days that are rather dry.  When you move inland you will see that the weather in Albania is going to change.  In the mountainous regions of Albania you have cooler summers.  When you reach an altitude of 1500 meters you will find even colder temperatures, with quite a bit of snow.  You will also find the cooler temperatures will last well into the spring, with snow capped mountains at the very highest elevations.

The Mediterranean offers most precipitation, at a heavier rate.  In fact you will find that Albania is one of the wetter places to spend a winter whether you are on the coast or in the mountain regions.  Midsummer is usually milder with a lot of sun, but you will find that there are afternoon downpours that offer thunder as a crescendo to the storm.  You will find that the Mediterranean region of Albania is not excessively hot because of the day breezes that come from the north and east.  In fact these winds in the winter will bring a biting wind through the mountains.

You will find that at certain times the heat may feel a little more oppressive than usual.  When the wind blows in from the southwest or south the wind can be quite humid.  You will find this occurs mostly in the autumn when the Mediterranean temperatures are at their hottest.  Vlore is one of the areas you will find is warmer in Albania as it lies on the coast.  For cooler areas you may wish to seek Tirana, which is more inland in Albania.

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