Work and Study

Albania does have a few schools spread throughout their country. You will find that the schools are not as far advanced in technology as other countries and they often need help with getting enough teachers. Tirana has the Tirana University that will offer a place to study. The university was founded in 1957. The university concentrates on polytechnic studies, engineering, humanities, natural science, and medicine. In 2003 they had over 14,000 individuals and 600 teachers. The university and city of Tirana are a little more advanced than the outlying country towns. The university does have a work study program as well as a foreign exchange for any student that may wish to live in Albania to learn about their culture.

For work in Albania there are several different options. Mainly work in Albania is going to be categorized as city or country. In the country there are farms where agriculture is the most important. If you are living in the city of Tirana you will find many other jobs from government jobs, teleworking, seasonal positions, and financial positions. Another area of interest that typically draws in individuals from other countries is the archeology. Archeology is a very important area of study for Albania as their history is so diverse. You will find many museums, castles, and other places that need employees as well as archeological sites that will offer students a job for the summer.

You will find in Vlore there are going to be summer positions for the height of tourism. Many of the hotels and restaurants need to have more staff during the busier times. Since Albania is just becoming a tourist hot spot you will find that the summer is one of the busier times. Working in Albania is still difficult salary wise. The salaries barely support many of the families and the real estate in the country. Therefore you may find if you are moving to Albania that you are paid lower for a job than you would elsewhere be paid.

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